Karlijn, maart 2019, Annelies heeft me gecoacht in het vinden van een nieuwe loopbaan.
Dat is heel goed gelukt! Samen met haar vond ik mezelf en was er ruimte voor enerzijds praktische afwegingen, vragen en gedachtes maar ook tot meer filosofische overpeinzingen zonder zweverig te worden. Wie ben ik, wat wil ik, hoe zou ik dat kunnen bereiken? Ik voelde me veilig, vertrouwd, gezien, gehoord en begrepen. Mezelf, mijn dromen, verwachtingen en realiteit als basis.
Annelies wist bij mij de juiste snaar te raken. Was betrokken. Kon goed analyseren. Wat ik ook erg prettig vond waren de gespreksverslagen van de gesprekken. Nalezend wat zij samenvatte en beschreef werkte erg verhelderend. Dank je wel! Half april begin ik aan mijn nieuwe loopbaan! Annelies is positief, betrokken, eerlijk , geduldig en voortvarend.

Laetitia Rijke   maart 2019 This morning I was talking part of an Anchor workshop led by Rubikscoaching, I was encountering for a while some struggles about how I was doing during my several job experiences and I wanted to get some general advice on how to face such a thing.
How do you start the process of self-reflection on your career choices?. : am I doing the job of my dreams of am i doing it because I feel a kind of social pressure? : is this what I was told or is it what I always dreamed of?. those questions kept ringing in my head at such an intensity that I could not keep ignoring them any longer.
With Annelies Hovestad, carreerscoach at Rubikscoaching we went through all those phases of life: from my childhood to my university years through my diverse employments.
Annelies brings you unnoticed onto a journey to your inner self ,deep down your soul where your passion lies. After 2 hours of intensive workshop, discussion, self immersion I was able to tell without winking where my strengths and my interests lay.It was impressive !
Thank you @Rubik Coaching to have brought me on the right path.
I loved being coach by Annelies. Annelies shows a lot of dedication and professionalism to her work. She is passionate and goal driven! hats off for all the work done with me!

Annelies helped me find my dream job here in Eindhoven. She is professional, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. Annelies helped me figure out where I wanted to work and helped me with my CV and cover letter. Her experience as an expat means that she truly understood what I was going through. I highly recommend Rubik Coaching!  Julie 

12-12-18 Neeltje:      Vandaag m’n loopbaancoachingstraject afgerond bij Rubik_Coaching.
👥 5 Sessies, maar eigenlijk een wekenlang denkproces. 
📝 Mijn eigen ‘springerige’ gedachten over werk werden professioneel gecoacht naar een waardevolle langetermijnvisie. 
Dank je wel, Annelies Hovestad!

20-10-2018 Suzanne:        Annelies was a great help to me. I think it would have taken me twice the amount of time to find a job, had I had to do it on my own. She helped to look at job postings I was interested in, and was able to help me “translate” the requirements and transferrable skills that I could contribute to the jobs. She also sent me postings that she found were suitable for me, that I had never even considered. Her top quality was that she helped me to “Dutch-up” my CV and cover letters, which helped me to stand out from other candidates. She was always easy to talk to and quick to respond to any questions I had. Her knowledgeable background and friendly personality are the reason I recommend talking to Annelies at Rubik Coaching.