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Welcome to my website Rubik Coaching.
Did you just immigrate to Eindhoven and surroundings from abroad? And do you want to feel more secure in finding, approaching and applying to a new job? a job that also suits with your life and possibilities at home? Then I might be the one who ‘s able to help you with that. 

In this website I, Annelies Hovestad,  tell my visitors more about me as a carreercoach and adviser in college and university choices.  

In 2017 and 2018 I have lived in Canada as being ‘the expats wife’ and being a mom of 2 kids. It gave me the experience of how hard it can be to find your way in life and work within a new country. Even though Canada is a very modern and western country, small cultural differences can have a huge impact on your life and well being. It made me look different towards our Dutch way of doing things. It inspired me to commit myself to helping out others here. 

Within Canada I have coached a few people towards a new carreerpath. I also have coached people who were welcomed in the Netherlands to start a new life. I think I can make a difference for you. I have two bachelor degrees in coaching and education and am registered as coach with BKA.

I have knowledge of the companies, organisations and schools in Eindhoven and surroundings. I also have knowledge of how to improve your chances when searching and applying for jobs.  

My English is not perfect, but my personal skills will cover that 😉

Feel free to get in touch.  A first meet-up is always free and i might be able just to help you out within that time.

My hourly rate for coaching after the first meet-up is €60,- an hour + 21% taxes.  In general we will need about 6 to 8 hours to help you out. In this time I will get to know you as a person and we will figure out your wishes. We will have a good look at your experiences and how to transform them in to Dutch possibilities. Also we will have a look at your resume and way of writing applications.

Love to meet you, feel free to get in touch.

Annelies Hovestad

+31 6 41778211

Sometimes you just need a hand 
to get closer to yourselves.