Workshop Career Anchors

March 21 st 9.30 Dynamo Eindhoven

This workshop about the Career Anchors of Edward Schein is a first step to more security in your search. You will get to discover “whats your basic element, your anchor, you will and should not let go”

A lot of you are looking for new possibilities in figuring out your live. You might have had a perfect life before, but with all changes you have gone though, you are struggling with the search for your new life / work balance. Under professional guidance and with leading questions this workshop will make you think and speak about your former choices and challenges and how they have influence on the the choices you want to make now.

As a result of the workshop I will help you to make choices in your anchors and will invite you for a personal 1 on 1 follow up. This morning will help you to be able to make a next step in your search.
costs €22,50 (incl. coffee / tea/ water)
min. 4 / max 8 participants.

Please sent mel an email with your name and phonenumber.
if you have any questions please feel free to call 0641778211