Workshop Career Anchors/ LoopbaanAnkers

Deze workshop, gebaseerd op het werk van Edward Schein is zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands te volgen. De taal wordt afgestemd op de betreffende deelnemers.

“What’s your basic element in your career,
The element you will and should not let go”                                               
Are you struggling with the search for future life? Do you want help to keep focus and think in opportunities? To create a new life you sometimes have to let go of your career status in some way. But which part of your work and career are you able to let go and which part do you definitely need to keep?   Under professional guidance and with leading questions this workshop will make you think and speak about your former choices and challenges and how they influence the choices you want to make now.    As a result of the workshop I will help you to make choices in your anchors and this evening will help you to make a next step in your search.
In the workshop you will make pairs with another participant.
Sign in for one of the following evenings
June 12, August 27 or October 29
19 – 22.00 pm
Where: a central location in Eindhoven
1 person €40,  2 persons €60
Including test, testresults, drinks during the evening and a free one-on one coaching session.
How to register:

contact via email with name and phonenumber
or give me a call.        
Rubik Coaching, Annelies Hovestad,,
TEL: 06417782112